The Seasons of A City Tour

Season1Season2 Season3My guests always ask me about halfway through the tour what it is like in the winter here in Louisville. I always smile to myself because I can tell that they are starting to wonder if Louisville would be a good place to retire. It’s about the time that we hit the third very cool neighborhood that their wheels begin to spin. Then the “How harsh are the winters here do ya think?” starts rolling through their heads. It’s true… Louisville is a very neat city. It’s full of surprises and far more than visitors expect it to be. We have great sports teams, a fabulous arts scene, great food, restaurants, parks… and the list goes on. We also though…. Have a winter.

It’s hard to answer the winter weather question. In all honesty, I feel sorry for our Meteorologists. Our weather is really hard to predict. I think it has something to do with being in a river valley.  One year it will be mild… one year it will be harsh. So really you never know. This winter… well, it’s not actually even officially winter yet, but it’s been in the 20’s for a few days now and at this point I’m a little tempted to start asking my guests what the weather is like where they come from.

Then I remember the seasons… what we get here in Kentucky is a definite four seasons… and that is  worth freezing my tushy over right now.

Here  a few scenes from our Louisville city tour.  Same spot…. Different seasons! Ahhhhhhh…… Kentucky!


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