Surprising and Fun Louisville City Tours!

Oh what fun and interesting things happen along a Louisville City Tour! I am often amazed at just what I see through the windshield of our tour bus as I drive tourists and locals alike through this never boring, and surprising town.

Eli gives the official tour in the back with our guests… and I drive the bus. Though that’s not to say I don’t pipe up now and again. Just today as we were traveling through Old Louisville and Eli was telling our city tour about Louisville’s fascinating history, I was at the wheel smiling in amazement as I wait for four pugs, all dressed in pink, lace, and frills to carefully cross at the light. That was just Old Louisville. You can imagine what I saw in the Highlands.

As we drove down Bardstown Road, telling our guests all about the trolleys of the olden days and the wonderful restaurants of today, I watch a man dressed as a zombie, with one big monster claw on his left hand, casually cruise past Days Coffee whistling a tune. No, it wasn’t Zombie Night (and yes, Louisville has one of those), just one of the interesting characters that grace the fascinating Highland area of Louisville.

Eli and I run city tours of Louisville six days per week. We tell our guests that City Taste Tours was started by two women who got real creative in a bad economy…. And it’s true. So although it was initially begun as an attempt to pay the bills, it is now run by two women who can’t believe how lucky they are to be able to experience Louisville on a daily basis. No day feels like work. Each day feels like showing off Louisville to brand new friends.

I tease on tour that I drive in circles for a living. Although we do pretty much drive the same route daily; Downtown to Old Louisville to Germantown to the Highlands thru Cave Hill Cemetery down through Phoenix and Irish Hill across the river to the falls etcetera, etcetera, eating and tasting along the way, it never gets boring and no day is the same. Each day holds new surprises along the tour that our guests on the bus may or not be privy to. Though I admit I usually point them out.

So Louisville, keep surprising me along the way… and keep being a city full of boldness, eccentricities, rare and weird occurrences, and pugs in pink. That’s actually one of the main reason you are so fun to show off!

Louisville… City Taste Tours loves you!

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