Possible Cure For The Winter “Blahs”

Some of you may have known that Eli and I took a little time off in January to rest up for another crazy and wonderful year of fun & food events for Louisville locals and those who come to visit our fine city.

Even with getting stuck in Atlanta ’s ice storm and finding Florida to be a tad colder than usual, we had a great time and had a bunch of traveling taste adventures that we will share with you later.

Now that I’m home I am unfortunately suffering from the freezing blahs. At least that’s what I call them. I think most of you refer to it as winter blahs. I’m freezing my tush off and it’s making me a cranky and a not joyous to be around right now. I’m trying to be all “Let it snow, let it snow, blah blah blah” but it’s just not happening.

I’m thinking I may not be the only one tired of the endless freezing temperatures and mounds of snow, so I did some research and found a little remedy I thought you might enjoy.

Kentucky Coffee

Ingredients: 5 parts Coffee, 1 oz Makers Mark Bourbon, 1 oz Starbucks Cream Liqueur, 1 splash of Frangelico

Instructions: Pour Makers Mark and Starbucks Liqueur into an Irish coffee glass. Add Frangelico and fill the glass with hot coffee. Top off with a dollop of whipped cream.


Anyone else have any food or drink remedies for the winter blahs?

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