“Best Tour of Louisville”- Thank You Guests For All Your Wonderful Reviews

It isn’t very often that we have a chance to sit back and see what comes up in the search results when you type in “City Taste Tours of Louisville” in a large search engine, but this morning we thought it might be fun.  We had no idea that the amount of such wonderful and kind compliments existed out there….and on so many different websites!

Thank you so much to those of you that have taken the time to review our tours of Louisville.  We truly have a passion for what we’re doing in this city.  Neither one of us could imagine doing anything else.  We made the commitment to ourselves when we opened the doors for business, that we would provide the best, and most fun, tour of Louisville.

There is no greater city than Louisville and we feel so fortunate to be in a position to show it to people visiting here each and every day.  At the end of our Louisville city tours, people often tell us that our tour is the best tour they have ever been on, or they can’t remember the last time they had so much fun.  It always makes our hearts swell with pride.  The fact that our guests take the extra step to put such wonderful reviews on the web in places such as Tripadvisor.com, discoverourtown.com, and gotolouisville.com is simply the kindest display of appreciation anyone could give us.

City Taste Tours of Louisville is standing proud and tall.  Thank you, again, to those for spreading the word about our tours of Louisville!

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